Sterina Ready to Help Government Export Mangosteen to Australia

June 23, 2023

SURABAYA, HARIAN DISWAY – Many countries require that incoming export products be sterilized or undergo an irradiation process. Australia is one of those that apply this condition strictly. In Indonesia, only one irradiation site uses the latest technology, namely Sterina in the Tambak Langon Industrial Industrial Area, Surabaya.

The Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency, led A.M Adnan, directly observed the irradiation process at Sterina, Thursday, June 22th, 2023. All of these guests were received by Sterina President Director Radian Jayadi. Radian shows how the sterilization process using E-Beam and X-Ray works.

Adnan describes the problems that the government has experienced over the past 10 years. Especially the method of exporting agricultural commodity products that are difficult for some destination countries to accept. The reason is because the exported products have not been irradiated.

Head of the Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency A.M Adnan (right) is greeted by President Director of Sterina Radian Jayadi to see the irradiation facilities at Sterina, Surabaya.-PHOTO: MOCH SAHIROL-HARIAN DISWAY-

“In fact, we have offered other methods. However, the Australian side remains in its stance, it must be irradiated,” said Adnan. Since hearing that there was an irradiation facility in Surabaya, he immediately invited his staff in East Java Province, that is Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency in Surabaya, to review the sterilization system at Sterina.

“We want this facility to expand to other areas, not only in East Java. But also to western Indonesia so that it can reduce the operational costs of exporters from western regions such as Sumatera,” said Adnan.

He also saw that the irradiation process in Sterina had no side effects for the product. No residue, chemicals or radioactive sources. “It is very profitable and has no impact on the environment,” Adnan added.

According to him, many Indonesian agricultural commodities have the potential export sales value. Like, bananas, mangosteen, pineapple, and other fresh fruit. So far, the government has exported fresh fruit to 50 destination countries. And will add another export destination country, such as Australia.

“We can fulfill the demand for mangosteen. While waiting for their experts team to come here. Apart from conducting tests, we hope this will be the first export of mangosteen to Australia,” said Adnan. It is hoped that with the entry of the mangosteen fruit into Australia, it will become a trigger for other fresh fruit, for example, durian. “The target is that we can export it next year,” said Adnan.

It is hoped that with the entry of the mangosteen fruit into Australia, it will become a trigger for other fresh fruit, for example, durian. “The export target is next year,” Adnan said.

President Director of Sterina Radian Jayadi said Sterina was ready to assist the government in providing added value to export products. Including mangosteen. “We will certainly support it. If you look at the initial request for a capacity of 20 tons per day, we can complete 60 tons per day,” said Jaya – Radian Jayadi’s nickname. (Eko Setiawan)

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