E-Beam Sterilization

What is Electron Beam Irradiation?

The Electron Beam (E-Beam) irradiation process through accelerated high energy beam of electrons that can be used for a variety of applications, such as the sterilization of single-use medical devices, contamination control of consumer products, and treat or improve modification of material, such as heat shrink tubing, wire, tire cables and molded parts. In the Electron Beam process, a product is bombarded with high-energy electrons. The Electrons are accelerated to near the speed of light by our high-performance Electron Beam DD accelerator 1-5 MeV. E-Beam Processing will be done in highly controllable, and with no residual effects.

How It Works ?

Sterina's compliance is continually maintained across numerous regulations, such as ISO 11137, ISO 9001 and also have licence from Indonesia’s Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency.

E-Beam Irradiation Process

Finish good products are received in Sterina and scheduled for Sterilization/Irradiation services
Products are loaded onto a trolley for transport into the irradiation/sterilization room
Products are exposed to E-Beam until the required dose is achieved
Irradiated products are unloaded from the trolley system
Products are ready to release and dispatch


Why choose E-Beam?
  • Fast – Shorter product exposure and for a sterile dose of 25 kGy completed within 10 minutes
  • Precise – Highly reliable and consistent sterilization
  • Effective – Low penetration, high dosage
  • Compliant – Meets local and international regulations
  • Easy – Penetrates all types of product packaging including foils
  • Clean - Sterilization process without opening the product packaging
  • Safe - Chemical-free process and no radioactive source
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