X-Ray Sterilization

What is X-Ray Irradiation?

Similar to Electron Beam (E-Beam), X-Ray Processing is power by electricity. X-Ray starts as an electron beam where electrons are generated and accelerated to gain energy. Electrons are generated in Equipment with an energy typically between 1-5 MeV and at a high power in the hundreds of kW (kilowatts). The Electrons are then focused on a specific metal target of high atomic number. X-Ray sterilization offer better penetration characteristics then either Gamma or E-Beam. The X-Ray’s deeper penetration allow for this technique to be use on many products and packaging configurations that E-Beam cannot. That able to use on product made of all types of materials including metals, liquids, high density and multicomponent product, with and no residual effects.

How it Works ?

Sterina's compliance is continually maintained across numerous regulations, such as ISO 11137, ISO 9001 and also have licence from Indonesia’s Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency.

X-Ray Irradiation Process

Finish good products are received in Sterina and scheduled for Sterilization/Irradiation services
Products are loaded onto a trolley for transport into the irradiation/sterilization room
Products are exposed to X-Ray until the required dose is achieved
Irradiated products are unloaded from the trolley system
Products are ready to release and dispatch


Why choose X-Ray?
  • Reliable - Very high photon penetration
  • Clean - Sterilization process without opening the product packaging
  • Safe - Chemical-free process, no temperature effect on product, and no radioactive source
  • Easy - High penetration of large-density products
  • Fast - Faster stable process than gamma
  • Compliant – Meets local and international regulations
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