Ensterna Becomes a Pilot for Export Product Sterilization

May 19, 2023

SURABAYA, HARIAN DISWAY – Indonesia must be proud. In Surabaya, there is a sterilization services company for export/import goods, such as food products, medical devices, herbs, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceuticals. This company uses the irradiation technology method.

The great thing about this technology is that every irradiation process is processed without opening the product packaging, very efficient, free of residue, and has international standards.

Great work from Indonesian nuclear experts That’s now developing under the management of PT Energi Sterila Higiena (Ensterna) in the Tambak Langon industrial area, Surabaya.

Monday, 15 May 2023, a sterilization company using E-Beam and X-Ray, was visited by several related panel ranks and several trade institutions.

Director of Ensterna Radian Jayadi showing products that have been sterilized in Ensterna. PHOTO: JULIAN ROMADHON-HARIAN DISWAY-

They want to get to know the sophistication of the machine. Harian Disway Founder Dahlan Iskan accompanied by Ensterna Director Radian Jayadi invited the audience and invitees to see the sterilization process.

“Indonesia must be able to develop further. I founded this to appreciate this nation’s great nuclear experts. Show that we can. Don’t want to be outdone, compared to other developing countries,” said Dahlan, Monday, May 15, 2023.

Apart from touring the production and laboratory areas, the group was also invited to have a discussion. Discusses how Indonesia’s marine products can earn foreign exchange from exports, according to the president’s target of USD 8 billion by 2024.

“This is a good company. The nation’s nuclear experts indirectly channel their knowledge,” said Dedy Miharja, head of the delegation from Deputy for Maritime Resources, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment.

The government will learn more about installing it at some points in the western and eastern parts of Indonesia. Will set up the same sterilization company as Ensterna.

According to Dedy, there is an Indonesian irradiation company owned by the government. However, this is only for research purposes. The location is also far from SMEs, Fish Management Processing Units (UPI) most of which are on Java island. The company is in the Pasar Jumat area, Tangerang City, the western tip of Java.

“Even though there are many UPIs in East Java, more than 100 UPIs, out of a total of 521 UPIs in Indonesia. So, instead of going all the way to Tangerang, to save money on the cost of sterilization, we are pushing it here,” said Dedy.

“It also motivates other UPIs, which are currently not registered as exporters. There are about 160 of them. The irradiation process is good, as well as to create new UPIs, with reliable exporter levels,” said Dedy.

The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) praised Ensterna’s steps in helping improve the quality of the country’s marine products. Because Indonesia’s fisheries potential, from the western, central, to eastern regions, is very high. It helps to increase the sale value with the results of sterilization.

“So that it can increase the shelf life of products that are easily damaged or have special treatment, such as fish. After all, the impact will also be good, boosting the economy through export value from ourselves, as well as domestically, because the quality will be better,” said Achmad Nugrahadi, Bappenas staff.

“Ensterna can also be included in this sector. Long-term plans later. Increase the economic value of the fisheries sector, “he added. (Eko Setiawan)

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