Disway: Ensterna Reduces Production Costs

January 4, 2022

Good news for producers in eastern Indonesia who need to sterilize their products. Because, no longer need to go all the way to Jakarta. Sterilization with irradiation technique is already available in Surabaya.

PT Energi Sterila Higiena (Ensterna) which is located in the Tambak Langon industrial area is already operating. Yesterday (10/11), two bosses of big company visited there. They are the Director of OneMed, Jemmy Hartanto, and the owner of Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI), Indra Winoto. They were received by Disway Daily Founder Dahlan Iskan and Ensterna Director Bambang Irawan.

The main director of PT OneMed, Dr. Jemmy Hartanto, will entrust his products to be sterilized at Ensterna. Because, he is interested in the most advanced sterilization technology today: Electron Beam Machine (E-beam) sterilization.

“The most modern is using this E-beam. Most effective. And, again, it doesn’t damage the environment,” he said in the Ensterna meeting room yesterday. Jemmy came with OneMed’s Director of Operations, Leonard Hartanto, who is also his son.

One product that will be sterilized at Ensterna is a blood collection tube. The tube requirement for storing blood samples is 50 million tubes per year. OneMed supplies 15 percent. The rest is still imported.

Previously, medical device products were sterilized in Jakarta. Meanwhile, OneMed itself is located in Krian, Sidoarjo. The Ensterna’s location is not far from Sidoarjo automatically lowers production costs. So, the selling price can be more competitive in the market.

Disway Daily Founder Dahlan Iskan also expressed a similar opinion. He founded that Ensterna not only about business. But, because we have encountered cases of failure to sterilize Indonesian export goods.

“Export must be sterile. But the products contain viruses, caterpillars, flies, and mosquitoes. And it was immediately returned. So, I built this because I was embarrassed,” said the former BUMN Minister.(*)

Photo caption: OneMed Founder and CEO Jemmy Hartanto talks with Dahlan Iskan.

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