Cendananews : Utilization of Irradiation Technology in Maintaining Product Quality

July 13, 2020

JAKARTA — The development of irradiation technology, in addition to making products safe from harmful microbes, and preventing damage and germination also makes products more durable. So that it can meet the qualifications for export and domestic marketing with a long-term storage period.

Head of the Isotope and Radiation Application Center for the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Totti Tjiptosumirat stated that the irradiation technology being developed at BATAN is Gamma Merah Putih Irradiation or IGMP.

“IGMP has customers who regularly irradiate food, spices, herbs, cosmetics, and medical equipment,” said Totti during an online seminar, Monday (13/7/2020). He explained that irradiation is a nuclear science and technology development that is safe, healthy, and clean to be applied to the various products mentioned above. “With the correct number of doses, which has been determined on an international scale, this irradiation action does not leave harmful residues in the irradiated product,” he said.

In foodstuffs, irradiation techniques can inhibit DNA synthesis in living things. “Thus inhibiting the growth of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. So the product quality can be maintained and the shelf life of food products can be extended,” Totti explained.

The Director of PT Energi Sterila Higiena (ENSTERNA) Yudiutomo Imardjoko said the advantages of irradiation prompted him to develop Electron Beam-based irradiation.

“By utilizing the development of nuclear science and technology, we, Indonesia, will be able to have the ability to meet the qualifications of the recipient countries of our products. Because more and more countries require this irradiation as an item to enter their market,” Yudi said on the same occasion.

He revealed that by using Electron Beam-based irradiation, food products will have better quality than the old sterilization process.

“This technology is cheap and fast because during the process there is no need to open the product packaging, and the irradiation process is also carried out in large quantities at the same time,” he explained. In addition, this process also leaves no harmful chemical residues. “Because the process is carried out at a low temperature, it will not change the quality of the product. Unlike autoclave or steam sterilization which is based on heat and has the potential to change product quality,” he explained further.

Yudi said that with this service, it is expected to be able to provide more services to producers who need them. So far, they have had difficulty accessing services because the irradiation location is far from the producer’s location. “The hope is clear, to improve people’s welfare from the product strengthening sector,” he concluded.

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