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Juni 23, 2023
Sterina Siap Bantu Pemerintah Ekspor Manggis ke Australia

SURABAYA, HARIAN DISWAY – Many countries require that incoming export products be sterilized or undergo an irradiation process. Australia is one of those that apply this condition strictly. In Indonesia, only one irradiation site uses the latest technology, namely Sterina in the Tambak Langon Industrial Industrial Area, Surabaya. The Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency, led A.M […]

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Juni 22, 2023
Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency (IAQA) visited PT Energi Sterila Higiena (STERINA), this meeting discussed cooperation on the use of E-Beam & X-Ray irradiation facilities as an alternative to plant quarantine treatment, fresh fruit commodity, and other products.
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Mei 19, 2023
Ensterna jadi Percontohan Sterilisasi Produk Ekspor

SURABAYA, HARIAN DISWAY – Indonesia must be proud. In Surabaya, there is a sterilization services company for export/import goods, such as food products, medical devices, herbs, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceuticals. This company uses the irradiation technology method. The great thing about this technology is that every irradiation process is processed without opening the product packaging, […]

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